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well, that's it people...the monkeys have gone home to roost--we is closed.  see below for original brief goodbye....


 there's no easy way to say this, so we'll just say it: subterranean is closing its retail outlet on the jodenbreestraat on 17 juli in order to focus on its distribution business (also here in amsterdam). it's been a hard decision to make, but financial and personal concerns finally outweighed amsterdam's need for an alternative CD shop...we hope you'll eventually forgive us.

thanks to everyone who told someone else about us, or bought more CDs than they should have, or told us that we were doing something valuable--it made a huge difference to us, and helped us keep going for as long as we did.

ok, if we say any more we'll get all teary-eyed, so we'll just say:  see you at the next show!




NEW (back in-stock) THIS MONTH (Mei 2004):

aavikko : derek
american music club : everclear
amm : at the roundhouse
archers of loaf : vee vee
atomsmasher : atomsmasher
ayler, albert -trio- : spiritual unity
bergman, borah : meditations for piano
books : the lemon of pink
bron y aur : between 13 & 16
busdriver : cosmic cleavage
buttler, ljiljana : mother of gypsy soul
cage, j. : music of changes
cardew, c. : treatise
chrome : half machine../alien..
clementi, aldo : madrigale
cocteau twins : garlands
coldcut : let us play/back by no de
coltrane, alice : ptah the el daoud
coltrane, john : ascension
connors, loren : arborvitae
crispell, marilyn : labyrinths
daedelus : of snowdonia
davis, greg : curling pond woods
dead prez : let's get free
delay, vladislav : demo(n)tracks
dj food : kaleidoscope
dj rupture vs. mutamassik : bidoun sessions
dj signify : sleep no more
ehlers/suchy/hautzinger : soundchambers
el-p : fantastic damage
el-p : high water
e-neem projekt : jodel del segafanciullo
esg : step off
fantomas : fantomas
feldman, m. : atlantis
feldman, m. : for john cage
feldman, m. : piano & string quartet
forrest, jason : unrelenting songs of...
frith, fred & friends : step across the border DVD
fujii, satoko : toh-kichi
fushitsusha : withdrawe, this sable enclosure
gabriel, peter : so
gaye, marvin : let's get it on
gayle, charles : unto i am
gordon, dexter : go
haco & hiromichi sakamoto : ash in the rainbow
hard rubber orchestra : rub harder
hella : devil isn't red
hexstatic : solid steel / listen + le
icp orchestra : jubilee varia
ikeda, ryoji : matrix -digi-
irmler, hans joachim : life like
jacopo andreini : vs 900
jel : greenball
kammerflimmer kollektief : cicadae
king rhythm : what's left
kondo, jo : chamber music
laddio bolocko : life & times of...
languis : the four walls
lansing-dreiden : incomplete triangle
laporte, jean-francois : mantra -mcd-
leichtmetall : s/t
leningrad : swearwords without electricity
leningrad : for millions
leningrad : point
leningrad : bullet (disk 1)
leningrad : xxi century pirates
les savy fav : inches + dvd
madvillain : madvillainy
mayfield, curtis : superfly -9tr.-
messer chups : crazy price
messer chups : miss libido
messer chups : vamp babes
messer chups : black black magic
messer chups : bride of the atom
messer frau fur muller : hyper utesov
messer frau fur muller : second hand dreams
minton, phil : mouthful of ecstacy
muslimgauze : mazar-i-shariff
necronomitron : s/t
nettle : build a fort, set that on
new strychnines : new original sonic sound
new winds : potion
nine nine posse : la vida que vendra'
noxagt : iron point
ost : sgt. peppers lonely heart
other dimensions in music : now
otis, shuggie : inspiration information
ove-naxx : bullets from habikino cit
parker, evan : ayes have it
parker/namchylak : mars
partch, harry : revelation in the courtho
patton, mike : adult themes for voice
phillips, barre : camouflage
plimley/ellis/bendian : noir
polvo : celebrate the new dark
polvo : today's active lifestyles
pretenders : pretenders
ricci/sanna : lo scorfano miracolato
ricci/sanna : le 7 premonizioni ortofrutticole
rose, jon : fence
sachse, joe : european house
sagor & swing : auf hanger samman
salvatore : fresh
schleiermacher, steffen : soviet avant-garde i
solex : low kick and hard bop
solex : pick up
solex : solex vs. hitmeister
soundmurderer : wired for sound
sugimoto, taku : opposite
tape : milieu
taylor, cecil : taylor/dixon/oxley
tippett, keith : une croix dans l'ocean
tv on the radio : desperate youth blood thi
twilight circus : dub from the secret vault
up, bustle & out : master session vol. 2
usa is a monster : tasheyana compost
v/a : take the bird from the bi
v/a : beat at cinecitta
v/a : shake sauvage
v/a : solid steel -herbaliser
v/a : soul of angola
v/a : urban renewal program
v/a : 20 years of dischord-73tr
v/a : dutch assault
v/a : ethiopia : ari polyphonies
v/a : freedom of choice
v/a : muscle head music
v/a : amigo
vast aire : look mom no hands
vaughn, viktor : vaudeville villain
vesala, edward : invisible storm
vitiello, stephen : light of falling cars
waits, tom : alice
white out : drunken little mass
wilden, gert & orchestra : schulmadchen report
world standard : the isle
zga : kinderalbum
zga : marazgamatika
zorn, john : masada live at tonic 2001
zorn, john : elegy
zorn, john : iao

      in-stock) THIS MONTH (Mar 2004):
4walls : and the world ain't square
acid mothers temple : s/t
adkins, hasil : what the hell was i thinking
ae : bootleg
aesop rock : bazooka tooth
almendra : inolvidables rca
altai-hangai : gone with the wind
antipop consortium : ends against the middle
basement jaxx : good luck -1-
bauhaus : in the flat field
bembeya jazz national : 10 ans de succes
berger, bengt : bitter funeral beer
bite the gnatze : wild dance….
bosetti/krebs : bosetti/krebs
bovell, dennis : decibel
braxton, anthony : eugene (1989)
carter usm : straw donkey :  the singles
case, neko : canadian amp
chadbourne, eugene : ayler undead
chromatics : plaster hounds
coleman, ornette : change of the century
coleman, ornette -quartet : this is our music -digi-
condor : big one
connors, loren : departing of a dream ii
crooklyn dub outernationa : certified dope 4-babylon'
dame darcy : greatest hits
dat politics : tracto flirt
dj olive : bodega
dog faced hermans : every day time bomb
dolphy, eric : illinois concert
donaggio, pino : nero veneziano
doneda/rogers/le quan nin : open paper tree
doo-dooettes/keiji haino : free rock (live)
dredd foole + the din : the whys of fire
echo & the bunnymen : ocean rain -remastered-
echo & the bunnymen : porcupine -remastered-
einsturzende neubauten : perpetuum mobile
ellen allien : berlinette
eneidi/parker/robinson : cherry box
esg : a south bronz story
factrix : artifakt
fastbacks : day that didn't exist
fennesz, christian : hotel parallel
fennesz, christian : field recordings '95-'02
fennesz/o'rourke/rehberg : magic sound of fenn o'berg
fushitsusha : live 2
ghost : hypnotic underworld
hisaishi, joe : spirited away
ikara colt : chat & business -ltd-
ikeda, ryoji : +/-
janssen, guus : hollywood OK pieces
johansson, jan : 8 bitar/innertrio
johansson, jan : blues
johansson, jan : live in tallinn
johansson/rudiger/williamson : glittering crowds
kaada : thank you for giving me your valuable time
khairkhan, altai : whistle in the wind
king cobra : king cobra
kletka red : hijacking
los guaracheros de orient : los guaracheros de orient
mclean, jackie : let freedom ring
merzbow : frog -bonus cd-
merzbow : dharma
metal urbain : anarchy in paris!
ochs, larry : secret magritte
olivia tremor control : dusk at cubist castle
ost : bride of frankenstein
ost : apocalypse now
ost -tv series- : captain scarlet - original
parker, william : piercing the veil -digi-
parker, william : mayor of punkville
parker, william : o'neal's porch
parker, william : peach orchard
pelt : burning filament rockets
pelt : ayahuasca
pelt : pearls from the river
penderecki, k. : complete cello concertos
purple trap : decided... already the motionless…
remarc : sound murderer
rhythm & sound : versions
rogers sisters : pure evil
rosenfeld/kajiwara/barnes : a water's wake
rota, n. : film music
russell, arthur : soul jazz presents :  world of arthur russell
savath & savalis : apropa't
schenker, michael -group- : michael schenker group
senking : tap
sightings : absolutes
sightings : sightings
spring heel jack : masses
squirrel nut zippers : hot
stooges : stooges
sun city girls : handsome stranger
talk talk : spirit of eden
thermals : more parts per million
til' tuesday : coming up close
ton steine scherben : scherben
ton steine scherben : warum geht es mir so drec
ton steine scherben : vier
trost : trost
tv on the radio : young liars -4tr/ep-
twilight circus dubsounds : foundation rockers
v/a : new york noise
v/a : night recordings from bal
v/a : radio java
v/a : certified dope v.4 -13tr-
v/a : kosmos -33tr-
v/a : rough trade shops...01
v/a : dixie flatline
v/a : back to peru -20tr-
v/a : before the revolution
v/a : dirtnap across...-31tr-
v/a : zambia roadside
v/a : batonga across the waters
v/a : secular music from uganda
v/a : tanzania vocals
v/a : forgotten guitars from mozambique
v/a : southern mozambique
v/a : nguni sound
v/a : 24 carat punk rock
v/a : bali -music for the...
v/a : mexico -festivals of...
v/a : nice up the dance
v/a : paraguay -guarani songs..
v/a : south america -black...
v/a : west java -sundanese...
vajra : ring
venetian snares : find candace
villalobos, ricardo : alcachofa

NEW (back in-stock) THIS MONTH (Dec 2003):

abou-khalil, rabih : blue camel
agf : westernization completed
al-ajami, hasan : singing of sanaa
andrews, amen : volume 1
andrews, amen : volume 3
b 52's : b 52's
bajourou : big string theory
band : band
band : music from the big pink
bang, billy : bangception
basho-junghans, steffan : rivers & bridges
beach boys : sunflower/surf's up
beastie boys : paul's boutique
beastie boys : check your head
bergman, borah : human factor
bergman, borah/drake hamid : reflections
berne, tim : sublime and
bhosle, asha : queen of bollywood
birthday party : hee haw
birthday party : hits -20 tr.-
blue notes : township bop
bong-ra : bikini bandits kill kill
books : lennon of pink
bowie, david : lodger
branca, glenn : songs '77-'79
braxton, anthony : for alto
brooks, cedric : light of saba
brown, james : live at the apollo '63
burning spear : hail h.i.m.
burnside, r.l. : wish i was in heaven sitt
buzzcocks : singles going steady
cannibal ox : cosmos
cannibal ox & el-p : cannibal oxtrumentals
captain beefheart : doc at the radar station
cash, johnny : at folsom prison -rerelea
castor, jimmy : best of -17 tr.-
cat power : you are free
cat power : moon pix
cave, nick : boatman's call
cave, nick : no more shall we part
charalambides : unknown spin
charalambides : in cr ea se
charalambides : unknown spin
chavez : gone glimmering
christi, ellen : dreamers
coleman, ornette : shape of jazz to come
crumb, robert : hot women
danger mouse & jemini : ghetto pop life
davis, eddie/johnny griffin : tenor scene
deadly snakes : ode to joy
dirtbombs : dangerous magical noise
dodds, baby : talking & drum solos
dog faced hermans : bump & swing
dr. john : gris-gris
dune, herman/cerberus sho : whys and hows of...
ellen allien : berlinette
el-p : sunrise over brooklyn-10in
eskelin, ellery : sun died
evans, bill/jim hall : undercurrent
explosions in the sky : earth is not a cold dead place
fahey, john : days have gone by =remast
fall : 458489 a-sides
fall : 458489 b sides
farmer, art : blame it on my youth
fiery furnaces : gallowbird's bark
full swing : edits
galaxie 500 : portable galaxie 500
galbraith, alastair : radiant
ganelin trio : 15 year reunion live
gang of four : entertainment
gaye, marvin : trouble man -remastered-
geesin, ron/roger waters : music from the body
go team : junior kickstart -3tr-
godspeed you black emperor : f#a#oo
golia, vinny : regards from norma desmond
grand ulena : gateway to dignity
guided by voices : human amusements
gza/genius : legend of the liquid swords
hafler trio : all that rises must converge
halo : body of light
hancock, herbie : sextant
harada, masashi : enter the continent
harper, billy : black saint
holly, buddy : buddy holly story
human league : dare!
ibarra, susie : radiance
iron & wine : creek drank the cradle
jackson, charlie -rev- : god's got it
jawbox : my scrapbook of fatal...
jeck, philip : stoke
jefferson airplane : after bathing at baxter's
jel : greenball
jog, v.g./brij bhushan ka : jugalbandi-duet for violi
johansson, jan : den korta fristen
jones, spike : best of vol.1
kef time : detroit
kid 606 : kill sound…
king geedorah : take me to your leader
king tubby : in the mix -30tr-
kraftwerk : trans europe express
lacy, steve : forest & the zoo
lacy, steve : reflections
lunge : strong language
mad professor : it's mad mad mad professo
mad professor : ras portrait series
magazine : real life
mapfumo, thomas : shumba -slipcase-
massive attack : no protection dub
mathieu, stephan & ekkeha : heroin
mekons : edge of the world
melt-banana : cell-scape
meters : look-ka py-py
mf doom (viktor vaudeville) : vaudeville villain
mingus, charles : black saint & sinner lady
mingus, charles : tijuana moods
mittoo, jackie : keyboard king at studio o
mittoo, jackie : last train to skaville
miyake, jun : innocent bossa in the..
mogwai : ten rapid
mr. lif : home of the brave
mr. lif : i phantom
murray, sunny : sunshine -hq vinyl-
nettle : firecamp stories
new york art quartet : new york art quartet
nichols, herbie : complete blue note
non prophets : hope
octavius : audio noir
omar, ustad mohammad  : virtuoso from afghanistan
oval : ovalprocess
parker, william : mayor of punkville
parker, william : peach orchard
pathak, pandit ashok : colourful world of
pole : 3
prince far i : black man land
radio birdman : essential radio birdman
residents : eskimo
ribot, marc : haitian suite
roberts, dean : be mine tonight
rollins, sonny -four- : saxophone colossus
schiano, mario : social security
scorces : vivre avec la bete
scott, raymond : manhattan research inc.
shajarian, mohammad reza : without you
shins : chutes to narrow
shriekback : y records years
sickboy : 7-ganja bullet/worst...
sigur ros : ()
sigur ros : agaetis byrjun
six organs of admittance : compathia
six organs of admittance : dust & chimes
slede zive slede : cherie sculpte le paysage
smith, andy : document ii
soundmurderer : wired for sound
spence, joseph : happy all the time
spring heel jack : masses
stabbins, larry : monadic
steinski : sugarhill mix tape
sugimoto, taku : opposite
sun ra : angels & demons at play
sun ra : hours after -hq vinyl-
sun ra arkestra : mayan temples
taylor, cecil : dark to themselves
taylor, cecil & tony oxley : leaf palm hand
taylor, cecil -unit- : it's in the brewing luminous
team shadetek : wsht :  radio mix
themselves : the no music
thuja : all strange beasts of the…
tortoise : millions living now will never die
toto : hydra
toure, ali farka : talking timbuktu
ukwu, celestine : greatest hits
v/a : disco not disco 2 -11tr-
v/a : 600% dynamite-soul jazz
v/a : ethiopian urban and..2
v/a : juju roots 1930's-1950's
v/a : studio one scorcher instrumentals
v/a : do the pop -50tr-
v/a : original jamaican sound system r & b
v/a : traditional music of heirat
v/a : worlds of possibility
v/a : black & proud 1
v/a : rembetika-song of the..
v/a : soul of angola
v/a : afghanistan : a journey to
v/a : riba dempel
v/a : vintage palmwine =digi=
vaughn, viktor : vaudeville villain
village of savoonga : philipp schatz
waits, tom : alice
ward 21 : u know how we roll
ware, david : threads
ware, david s. : flight of i
watson, chris : weather report
watson, chris : outside the circle of fir
welch, gillian : time the revelator
why? : oaklandazulasylum
williams, andre : 7-monkey speaks his mind
williams, hank : hillbilly hero
wire : chairs missing
wire : 154
wrens : meadowlands
x : los angeles =remastered=
zorn, john : masada 1
zorn/bailey/lewis : yankees

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