Evil Rabbit Records 018
Modern Primitive
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Klare/ Platz/ Kneer/ Elgart
Modern Primitive

Jan Klare alto saxophone, clarinet, flute
Jeff Platz guitar
Meinrad Kneer double bass
Bill Elgart drums

1 Beekeepers song (4:16)
2 Can you hear the rain? (7:25)
3 Meat dress (4:29)
4 A gently sloping knoll (6:47)
5 Blank mask (3:48)
6 Grain by grain (5:49)
7 Puppet party (5:28)
8 Impish episode (7:44)
9 Mutual agreement (3:44)

total playing time: 49:46

Recorded by Karl Godejohann, october 29, 2010
live in concert at Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld/ Germany
Mixed by Karl Godejohann at Studio la Tonnelle, Bielefeld/ Germany
Mastered by Oliver Siegel
All compositions by Klare/ Platz/ Kneer/ Elgart � BUMA

Special thanks to Karl Godejohann, Oliver Siegel and Bunker Ulmenwall/ Bielefeld