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EX086: The Ex Orkest: Een Ronde Holland.
Katrin - drums, vocals Terrie - guitar Andy - guitar Luc - acoustic bass G.W. Sok - vocals + ..
EX143/144D: The Ex: The Ex At Bimhuis (1991-2015).
A 2CD compilation from almost 25 years of history of The Ex at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, one of the wo..
kontrans143: Jaap Blonk, Mats Gustafsson, Michael Zerang: Improvisors.
Jaap Blonk, voice; Mats Gustafsson, soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, flute, fluteophone, Fren..
kontrans1545: Splinks: Consensus
Alison Isadora - violin Anna McMichael - violin Mary Oliver - violin, viola Angelo Verploegen - t..
kontrans159: Bishop / Blonk / Mallozzi / Rosaly: At The Hideout.
Jeb Bishop – trombone Jaap Blonk – voice, electronics Lou Mallozzi – turntables, cds, microphones,..
kontrans1649: Blonk/Pallesen/van der Putten: Off Shore (2cd)
Bart van der Putten: clarinet, alto saxophone, harmonica Paul Pallesen: electric guitar, banjo Jaa..
kontrans244:  Braaxtaal: Speechlos.
Jaap Blonk - voice Rob Daenen - synthesizer Theo Bodewes - drums, percussion, electronic drums ..
kontrans259: Jaap Blonk & Machinefabriek: Deep Fried.
Jaap Blonk - electronics, voice Rutger Zuydervelt - electronics, objects 1 Water   &..
kontrans343: Blonk/Nijdam/van der Putten: Improvisors.
Jaap Blonk - voice Jan Nijdam - double bass Bart van der Putten - alto saxophone, clarinet Trac..
kontrans360: Jaap Blonk: Lifespans.
listen to fragments: beginning at 15 minutes at 30 minutes at 45 minutes at 60 minutes tot..
kontrans448: Braaxtaal: Dworr Bunn
Jaap Blonk - voice, electronics Rob Daenen, sampler Theo Bodewes - drums, sampler Track List: ..
kontrans460: Jaap Blonk: Polyphtong.
Polyphtong was conceived as a quadraphonic piece for live performance. It was premiered at Stanford ..
kontrans551: Jaap Blonk and Cor Fuhler: Pre-Zoic Cellways.
Jaap Blonk - voice, powerbook, effects Cor Fuhler -EMS synthi-AKS, turntable  Track Listing..
kontrans561: Jaap Blonk: August Ananke
Jaap Blonk – computer 1  Ataraxia     2  Agape 3  Aspera 4  ..
kontrans651: Maja Ratkje & Jaap Blonk: Post-Human Identities.
Jaap Blonk - voice, powerbook, samplers, effects Maja Ratkje - voice, samplers, effects, dictaphone..