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data012: Ab Baars Trio with Roswell Rudd: Four.
Ab Baars - tenorsax, clarinet Roswell Rudd - trombone Wilbert de Joode - bass Martin van Duynhove..
data032: Sean Bergin: MOB Mobiel.
Sean Bergin - tenorsax Jan Willem van der Ham - altosax, bassoon Eric Boeren - cornet Franky Doug..
data042: Michiel Scheen Quartet: Dance, My Dear?
Michiel Scheen - piano Ab Baars - tenorsaxophone, clarinet Ernst Glerum - bass Han Bennink -drums..
data044: Corkestra: The Corkestra.
Cor Fuhler -organ, clavinet, piano Ab Baars - tenorsax, clarinet Tobias Delius - tenorsax, clarine..
dolfijn02: Wolter Wierbos: Deining.
Wolter Wierbos - trombone  Ab Baars -tenor saxophone, no-kan Wilbert de Joode - double bass ..
ERR10: Baars/Kneer: Windfall.
Ab Baars tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi, noh-kan  Meinrad Kneer double bass  1 ..
ERR20: Baars/Kneer/Elgart: Give no quarter.
Ab Baars tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi  Meinrad Kneer double bass  Bill Elgart d..
ERR22: Baars/Kneer/Elgart: Live at Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2012
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EX040/041: The Ex: Joggers + Smoggers (2 CD).
Terrie - guitar; G.W. Sok - voice; Luc - bass; Katrin - drums, voice + grill, birdcage, double-bass,..
EX063/064: The Ex & Guests: Instant (2cd).
Terrie - guitar; Luc - bass; Katrin - drums; Andy - guitar, viola; Han Buhrs - harmonica, guitar, to..
EX099D: The Ex: Singles. Period.
1. Human car 2. Rock'n'roll-stoel 3. Cells 4. Apathy disease 5. Stupid Americans 6. Money 7. C..
EX143/144D: The Ex: The Ex At Bimhuis (1991-2015).
A 2CD compilation from almost 25 years of history of The Ex at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, one of the wo..
Geestgronden01: Guus Janssen: Dancing Series.
Ab Baars reeds Paul Termos sax  Vincent Chancey horn  Herb Robertson trumpet Wolter Wi..
ICP026: ICP Orchestra: Two Programs: Monk/Nichols.
Monk program: Misha Mengelberg, piano; Sean Bergin, alto saxophone; Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone; M..
ICP028: ICP Orchestra: Bospaadje Konijnenhol 1.
Misha Mengelberg, piano; Ab Baars, reeds; Michael Moore, reeds; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; George Lew..