bbb15: eBraam: 3.

bbb15: eBraam: 3.
bbb15: eBraam: 3.
Label: BikBentBraam
Catalog Number: bbb15
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Michiel Braam piano/compositions
Pieter Douma bass guitar 
Dirk Peter Kölsch drums

Special guests on A Certain Kind:
Ulrike von Meier harp
Marcel VandeBeeten backing vocals 

Track Listing:

1 1B44, Please     3.26 
2 The Pindaric Ode     7.39 
3 Augmented Seconds     4.44    
4 Pythagorean Theorem 5.04    
5 Triple Jump     3.35 
6 Triad     3.15 
7 The Mind     5.22 
8 3 Sheets To The Wind 8.33    
9 A Certain Kind     4.08

Compositions: Michiel Braam except “A certain Kind” (Hugh Hopper)
Design: Pascale Companjen
Recording: Marcel Vandebeeten at The Cabin Music, Veghel, December 2012. 
Mixing: Marcel VandeBeeten and Pieter Douma
Editing: Dirk-Peter Kölsch
Mastering: Jos van den Broek at Energy Studio