Geestgronden27: Guus Janssen/Wim Janssen: Home made music

Geestgronden27: Guus Janssen/Wim Janssen: Home made music
Label: Geestgronden
Catalog Number: Geestgronden27
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Guus Janssen: piano
Wim Janssen: drums

1 House Party Starting 5.17
2 Slow Step 4.17
3 Azuur 4.53
4 HiHat Kary's Trance 10.20
5 Paloma 5.39
6 Zeeweg 6.40
7 Very good weather today 5'03
8 PF 4.12
9 Zwik 4.43
10 Tune for F 4.12
11 April 6.32
Recording Jos Janssen live at the living room of Mirjam Zegers and Frank van Merwijk Arnhem march 24 2019
Mixing/mastering Micha de Kanter Mideka Music Recording
House Party Starting Herbie Nichols
Kary's Trance Lee Konitz
Very good weather today Paul Termos
All other compositions Guus Janssen BUMA STEMRA
Lay out Els Kerremans
Cover drawing Hans Janssen: 'sound equipment' constructed by our uncle Jan who in his highly effective manner introduced us to the boons of design, meaning and easy listening