Strotbrock015: De Nazaten: Als de haan tanden krijgt...

Strotbrock015: De Nazaten: Als de haan tanden krijgt...
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This is the sixth CD of De Nazaten and it is solely dedicated to the music of one of their original band members and composers, Robby Alberga. His versatility as composer is apparent in his ability to connect the traditions and roots of music from Guyana, the entire northeast region of South America, with the modern music of today. He utilizes the instrumentation of De Nazaten, borrowed from the traditional instrumentation of the brass bands of Suriname and New Orleans, to produce a fresh and contemporary sound, creating an extraordinary bridge between the wind and the percussion sections.
Robby Alberga: gitaar
Klaas Hekman: piccolo, sopraan-, bassaxofoon
Carlo Ulrichi Hoop: conga's, Surinaamse percussie
Keimpe de Jong: sopraan-, tenorsaxofoon
Setish Bindraban: trompet
Jermaine Forster: drums
Chris Semmoh: skratyi, Surinaamse percussie
Patrick Votrian: trombone, sousafoon
Sharief Wagid Hosain: altsaxofoon
1. Vruchten Uit Eigen Tuin 5:21
2. De Lok Van Het Dwaalspoor 5:15
3. Als De Haan Tanden Krijgt 7:32
4. Het Mysterie Van De Zonnegod 8:30
5. Switi Smeri, Sweet Perfume 5:59
6. Trobi Soso Trobi 3:58
7. A Tori Fa Gro Pesi 7:50
8. Lafu Ko Lafu 4:35