EX143/144D: The Ex: The Ex At Bimhuis (1991-2015).

EX143/144D: The Ex: The Ex At Bimhuis (1991-2015).
Label: Ex Records
Catalog Number: EX143/144D
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A 2CD compilation from almost 25 years of history of The Ex at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam, one of the world's leading jazz clubs. Twelve exciting concerts and festivals with dozens of amazing guests from all over the planet: the almost legendary first gig in June 1991 with guests Han Bennink, Wolter Wierbos, Ab Baars and comedian Herr Seele; the October Meeting; Han Buhrs PodiumPrijs; ICP Jubilee; The Ex Orkest; three Getatchew Mekuria nights; a New Year's Eve party; two nights of the 33⅓ Festival; concert for children May 2015.    

1. Flutes Tale 06:58
2. Shopping Street 04:13
3. Pretty Cattle Office 03:12
4. Lied der Steinklopfer 03:36
5. Invitation to Dance 05:11
6. Kimmel 04:25
7. Sonic Boom 02:15
8. The Early Bird's Worm 05:48
9. Ex Guitars 'n' Han 05:24
10. Kat 'n' Han 02:24
11. Dear House 05:33
12. New Clear Daze 07:15
13. Oh Puckerlips Now 04:56
14. Symphony For Machines 03:12
15. Gronings Liedje 03:30
16. Suction Prints 04:23
17. Lale Guma 06:52
18. Shellelle 04:19
19. Abbay Abbay / Aynamaye Nesh 05:10
20. Aha Gedawo 04:33
21. Bourgeois Blues 04:46
22. 24 problems 06:48
23. Every Sixth Is Cracked 05:33
24. Gondar 07:13


released June 10, 2015 

The Ex & Guests, 29-06-1991: 
Luc, Terrie, Katrin & G.W.Sok - bass, guitar, drums, steel-drum, vocals. 
Guests: Wolter Wierbos - trombone, Ab Baars - saxophone, clarinet, Han Bennink - drums, Herr Seele - flute, viola, viola case, saxophone, Dorpsoundste de Jong - sound poetry, Andy, Wilf, Colin & Marion (Dog Faced Hermans) - guitar, violin, drums, bass, trumpette, vocals. 
Recorded by Michael Ballak & Dariet Zimbalist (Vide TV); edited by The Ex & Colin DFH; Live sound engineers - Katrin Brandil & Jeroen. The whole concert released on video by Ex Records and Maskwood Video. Cat. No. Slates 1 (1992). "Shopping Street" and "Pretty Cattle Office" were also released on the 6.4 of the 6. singles series. (1992) All songs by The Ex. Lyrics "Lied der Steinklopfer": Kurt Tucholsky. 

"October Meeting". The Ex & Guests, 23-10-1991: 
Andy, Terrie, Katrin, Luc, G.W.Sok - guitars, drums, bathtub, bass, vocals. 
Guests: Greetje Bijma - vocals, Claude Deppa - trumpet, Wilf Plum - drums, Han Bennink - drums, Marion Coutts - trumpette, Wilbert de Joode - double bass, Wolter Wierbos - trombone, Ab Baars - saxophone, clarinet, Steve Beresford - piano. 
Recorded by NOS-Radio on cassette. Engineer: Dick Lucas. 
All songs by The Ex. "Kimmel" based on an Ab Baars tune. 

"Han Buhrs Podiumprijs". The Ex & Guests, 11-12-1993: 
G.W.Sok, Terrie, Katrin, Luc, Andy - guitars, drums, vocals, bass. 
Guests: Han Buhrs - vocals, Michael Vatcher - drums, Wolter Wierbos - trombone, Ab Baars - saxophone, clarinet. 
Recorded by NOS-Radio. Engineer: Dick Lucas. All songs by The Ex. 

Ex Orkest, 27-04-2002: 
Katrin - drums, Andy - guitar, Terrie - guitar, Luc - bass, G.W.Sok - vocals, Gert Jan Blom - groove-box, singing saw, bass harmonica, Harmish McKeich - conductor, bassoon, Jaap Blonk - vocals, Wolter Wiebos - trombone, Joost Buis - trombone, Tseerd Oostendorp - tuba, Xavier Charles - clarinet, Felicity Provan - trumpet, Phil Minton - vocals, Wilf Plum - drums, Rozemarie Heggen - double bass, Ernst Glerum - double bass, Michael Vatcher - drums, percussion, John Butcher - saxophone, Roy Paci - trumpet, Jan Mulder - text. 
Recorded by Dolf Planteijd. Engineer: Gert Jan Polderman. 
"Symphony for Machines" is based on the piece "Zavod" by Alexander Masalov (1990-1973), adapted be the Ex Orkest. "Granings Liedje" music by Ex Orkest, lyrics by Jan Mulder. "Suction Prints" by Captain Beefheart. Arrangement by the Ex Orkest. "Lale Guma" is based on an Ethiopian song by Ayalew Mesfin & Fetan Band. Arranged by The Ex. 

Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Friends, 06-07-2012: 
Getatchew Mekuria - saxophone 
Arnold de Boer - trumpet, Andy Moor - guitar, Terrie Hessels - guitar, Katherina Bornefeld - drums. 
Friends: Ken Vandermark - saxophone, clarinet, Brodie West - saxophone, Xavier Charles - clarinet, Joost Buis - trombone, Colin McLean - bass, Melaku Belay - dance, Mesay Abebaye - dance. 
Recorded by Jeroen Visser and the Bimhuis crew. 
"Shellelle", "Abbay Abbay / Aynamaye Nesh" & "Aha Gedawo" are Ethiopian classics in Getatchew Mekuria's version. Arranged by Getatchew & The Ex & Friends. 

"The Ex 33 1/3 Festival", 21-12-2012: 
The Ex & Brass Unbound: Arnold de Boer - vocals, guitar, Andy Moor - guitar, Terrie Hessels - baritone guitar, Katherina Bornefeld - drums. 
Brass Unbound: Ken Vandermark - saxophone, clarinet, Peter Evans - trumpet, Mats Gustafsson - saxophone, Wolter Wierbos - trombone, Ab Baars - saxophone, clarinet. 
Recorded by Colin McLean and the Bim engineers. 
"24 problems" arranged by The Ex. 

"Addis-Amsterdam!! New Years Eve Party", 31-12-2010: 
Zea 'n' Xavier 'n' Han: Arnold de Boer - vocals, guitar, Xavier Charles - clarinet, Han Bennink - drums. 
Recorded by Bimhuis engineers. 
"Bourgeois Blues" is based on a Lead Belly song. Arranged by Zea. 

Jeugdvoorstelling The Ex (youth concert), 17-05-2015: 
Andy Moor - baritone guitar, Terrie Hessels - guitar, Katherina Bornefeld - drums, Arnold de Boer - vocals, guitar. 
"Every sixth is cracked" by The Ex. Recorded by Ron Ruiten. 

Bonustrack: "Gondar" "The Ex 33 1/3 Festival", 22-12-2012 
The Ex & Fendika + Peter Evans, Wolter Wierbos, Joost Buis, Xavier Charles, Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilssen-Love. 
Based on an Ethiopian traditional. Arranged by The Ex & Fendika.