kontrans760: Jaap Blonk: Traces of Speech.

kontrans760: Jaap Blonk: Traces of Speech.
kontrans760: Jaap Blonk: Traces of Speech.
Label: Kontrans
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Japp Blonk: vocals, electronics

1     Gossip Of Truth    6:00
2     True Secret  8:25
3     Secret Impediment 7:27
4     Impeded Pretext  8:49
5     Proof Of Gossip 6:47
6     Pleading Pretext 10:56
7     Plea For Proof  9:43


The other CD is technically a re-issue of a CD that came along with a book, 'Traces Of Speech/Sprachspuren', which can be downloaded from Blonk's site now. Here he translates drawings into texts using Optical Character Recognition and also by importing these texts as raw data to translate them into sound to use both the text and sound together. If 'Songs Of Little Sleep' has a lighter touch to it, then surely this doesn't. Here we have pieces, as opposed to songs (semantics!). Only seven pieces are on this disc, but it's also close to an hour of music. This is some very interesting music, dealing with electronic sounds and voice manipulations. Electro-acoustic music in optima forma. This is poetry combined with electronic music in a way that I like very much. Most of the time the electronic music seems to prevail, and then, out of the blue it seems, Blonk's voice pops up, reciting numbers and letters, such as in 'Proof Of Gossip' and goes from something very abstract to something very warm and human. The music has something that reminded me, most of the times at least, of sixties electronic music, with its oscillators and filters, but then made with 21st century technology. Perhaps following his recent works less of a surprise, but certainly nothing less in quality than the recent releases. In fact I think one of the best of his recent works. It has a great variety, a fine concept and is less single minded than say 'Polyphtong' (see Vital Weekly 911) - another fine surprise from Blonk. Frans de Waard, VITAL Weekly