kontrans660: Jaap Blonk: Songs of Little Sleep.

kontrans660: Jaap Blonk: Songs of Little Sleep.
kontrans660: Jaap Blonk: Songs of Little Sleep.
Label: Kontrans
Catalog Number: kontrans660
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Jaap Blonk: vocals, electronics

1. Slight Underdoze 03:42
2. Below the Abyss 03:27
3. Yapping at the Moon (for Claude Gauvreau) 06:26 
4. Midnight Knock 02:39
5. Somnambulance 02:54
6. Apnea Therapy 03:17
7. Second Class Nightmares 03:09
8. Perpetual Solstice 02:29
9. Insomnia Calendar 07:03
10. Reading Light (for Raoul Hausmann) 04:09
11. One Dream Remembered 03:33
12. Thirteen Neighbours 04:12
13. Multiphobics 03:59

Cover imgaes by Jaap Blonk
Cover typography by Melle Hammer


No less than two CDs by Dutch experimental voice composer Jaap Blonk and on both of these he explores his current interest using software in combination with the voice. I am not sure what kind of software, but certainly something along the lines of Pure Data or Max/msp. For the first CD his distributor says: 'funny confusing songs about insomnia', which is perhaps somewhat of an odd description. Blonk may seem, at least to me, not someone to play 'songs' but a composer of 'pieces' - he's not a pop artist! But listening to these thirteen pieces (it's all semantics of course) you could say these are songs. They are all, more or less, around the three/four minute mark and form a rounded off composition. Blonk uses a variety of voice manipulations in each of them and collages these various recordings together in these pieces. Sometimes he uses very small blocks to form a rhythm of some kind, but there is also time stretching, granular synthesis and such like. On top he sometimes uses real time voice sound, and perhaps Blonk creates a total alien form of singer-songwriter - the kind you never see on TV. Songs indeed. From the world of clicks 'n cuts, musique concrete and noise, but then condensed to three and half minutes. Another fine surprise from Blonk in his recent computer modus. Frans de Waard, VITAL Weekly