data042: Michiel Scheen Quartet: Dance, My Dear?

data042: Michiel Scheen Quartet: Dance, My Dear?
data042: Michiel Scheen Quartet: Dance, My Dear?
Label: DATA Records
Catalog Number: data042
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Michiel Scheen - piano
Ab Baars - tenorsaxophone, clarinet
Ernst Glerum - bass
Han Bennink -drums

Track Listing: 

1. Similarities (1:45)
2. God in Heaven (stay!) (6:20)
3. This time, it will last forever (2:26)
4. Idols (7:00)
5. Dance, my dear? (6:19)
6. Non-circle agreeable (5:14)
7. Patience (6:15)
8. Subsequently (6:07)
9. Summerwindow (6:32)

All compositions Michiel Scheen (Buma/Stemra)
Recording: Dick Lucas, BIMhuis Amsterdam ,December 17th, 2003
Coverart: Petra Dolleman
Produced by Michiel Scheen and Dick Lucas

Pianist and composer Michiel Scheen, born 1963 in Amsterdam, has worked with Anthony Braxton, Guus Janssen, George Lewis and Roscoe Mitchell.  That's he's still little-known is at odds with the quality of this disc from the small Dutch label, in which his highly original compositions are interpreted by a quartet with Ab Baars on tenor-sax and clarinet, Ernst Glerum on bass and Han Bennink on drums.  The stuttering fanfare "Similarities" signals an original voice, but is no preparation for the extraordinary "God In Heaven (Stay!)" – a kind of meditation on the repeated single-note like Thelonious Monk's "Thelonious", its fierce drive offering a European take on free jazz's pulse/no metre concept.  In fact the parallels with Monk's role as composer for band are significant – though a fine improvising pianist, Scheen dominates through his compositions, which the other players serve admirably.  "This Time", an interrupted ballad, exploits silence in a way unfamiliar in jazz; "Idols" features Baars's cavernous tenor.  In concept, almost everything on this totally outstanding release seems new.

-Andy Hamilton, The Wire Sept. 2004