Strotbrock0901: De Nazaten & James Carter: Skratyology.

Strotbrock0901: De Nazaten & James Carter: Skratyology.
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Robby Alberga-guitar 
Klaas Hekman- basssax and soprano sax
Carlo Ulrichi Hoop-apinti drum, congas and Surinamese percussion 
Keimpe de Jong-soprano and tenorsax 
Setish Bindraban-trumpet 
Gregory Kranenburg-snare drum
Chris Semmoh- skratyi and Surinamese percussion 
Patrick Votrian -trombone and sousaphone 

1    Skratyology Robby Alberga 
2    Malachi Klaas Hekman 
3     Nootkeval Keimpe de Jong 
4    Salvador Robby Alberga 
5    Kwagogo Keimpe de Jong 
6    Song 267/ Ma Aisa go, Ma Aisa kon Traditional 
7    Guarana Robby Alberga 
8    My window is a mirror Keimpe de Jong 
9    Bagana Klaas Hekman 
10    Kaseko party (medley: Kari ding ingi na liba, Ingi heruwahe, Papa ya ingi boto papa ya) arrangement Patrick Votrian 

Recorded 18 November 2007 at the Anton Philips Zaal in The Hague. Mixed by Chris Weeda and Marc Schots.


De Nazaten & James Carter: Skratyology (2007 [2009], Strotbrock): Dutch group, with some input from the former Dutch colony of Surinam; originally De Nazaten van Prins Hendrik ("the offspring of Prince Hendrik"), after the consort (1901-34) to Dutch Queen Wilhelmina (1890-1948). They describe Hendrik as "infamous for his promiscuous lifestyle." The Wikipedia article on Prince Hendrik is notably lacking in details, other than to suggest that Wilhelmina wasn't terribly happy with the dude. The group does promiscuously merge world musics with a lot of brass and drums -- the skratyi the title was based on is a bass drum from Surinam, played by Chris Semmoh.

Not sure how James Carter got involved with this group. He may be in a class of his own, but he doesn't stand out that much here, playing baritone sax, but surrounded by Klaas Hekman (bass sax), Keimpe de Jong (tenor sax, tubax), and Patrick Votrian (trombone, sousaphone) there is a lot of rumbling in the lower registers, which sets off some explosive trumpet by Setish Bindraban. They remind me a bit of Parliament, both for the party vibe and for a word that might be a good future title: thumpasaurus. A- (Tom Hull, Village Voice)