ERR04: Albert van Veenendaal & Meinrad Kneer & Yonga Sun: Predictable Point of Impact

ERR04: Albert van Veenendaal & Meinrad Kneer & Yonga Sun: Predictable Point of Impact
ERR04: Albert van Veenendaal & Meinrad Kneer & Yonga Sun: Predictable Point of Impact
Label: Evil Rabbit Records
Catalog Number: ERR04
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Albert van Veenendaal - (prepared) piano 
Meinrad Kneer - double bass 
Yonga Sun - drums, little things

01. Happy Hour (06:34) 
02. Posthume Verleumdung (05:25) 
03. Alex the Woitec Guy (07:22) 
04. Easy Uneasy (05:12) 
05. As Cucumbers (06:10) 
06. Dance to Sing strangely with (04:26) 
07. Wolf Hunt (07:21) (inspired by Lev Tolstoi’s novel ‘War and Peace)
08. Lonely Weekend (06:07) 
09. Predictable Point of Impact (06:33) 
10. Papperlapapp (07:13) (to the memory of Velimir Chlebnikov) 

Total Playing Time: 62:28 

Recorded by Chris Weeda,november 9 & 10, 2006 at Leroy Studio, Amsterdam 
Mixed and mastered by Chris Weeda 
tracks 3, 6 ,9, 10 by A. van Veenendaal 
tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 by M. Kneer 
All compositions commisioned by Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst ©BUMA 
Design: Lysander LeCoultre 
Photography: Monique Besten

pianist albert van veenendaal, double bassist meinrad kneer and drummer yonga sun travel jazz’s modern mainstream on this album with thrilling tension in abundance. their music tells a story. like visual artists and dancers, they leave us with memories that linger; memories that spark images of latin dancers, forest hunters, urban dwellers, and pastoral serenaders. each selection carries a fair amount of lyric melody, while constantly shifting moods avoid any sense of predictability. the trio’s spontaneous adventures contain seamless transitions and gentler textures that assure a smooth performance; yet, the content of their message remains filled with dramatic sequences. the album’s title song, “predictable point of impact,” flows with the anxiety of a turned-on rhythmic groove, while “lonely weekend” describes the feeling that we hold when we’re left with nothing but our thoughts. van veenendaal adds prepared grand piano on “alex the woitec guy,” “wolf hunt,” and “papperlapapp” to add off- the-wall impressions, while kneer and sun add an array of unique sounds on their respective instruments. together, they create a rare collection of musical timbres that aid them in relating the stories that they’ve created. commissioned by fonds voor de scheppende, the ten selections hold distinct colors in tow. “wolf hunt” was inspired by leo tolstoy’s war and peace, while “papperlapapp” is presented in memory of russian author velimir khlebnikov. piano and bass drift slightly out of tune during some of the session’s slower periods, giving the program an added taste of tension. it works out just right for this recommended trio performance and its genuine flavor.

cadence, july 2007, jim santella