Wig06: Wilbert de Joode Solo: OLO

Wig06: Wilbert de Joode Solo: OLO
Wig06: Wilbert de Joode Solo: OLO
Label: Wig
Catalog Number: Wig06
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Wilbert de Joode-contrabass 

Track Listing:

1.  Kras (2:02)
2.  Omhoog (2:06)
3.  Lepel (2:42)
4.  Rang (1:39)
5.  Peg (3:30)
6.  Mus (1:57)
7.  Hoes (0:37)
8.  Olo (3:26)
9.  Mak (1:46)
10. Tork (4:28)
11. Krak (2:59)
12. jaM (2:52)
13. Draad (2:38)
14. Crom (3:06)
15. Rol (2:30)
16. Woj (2::01)
17. Zool (2:44)

all compositions Wilbert de Joode
BUMA | STEMRA total time 44.13

recorded by Dick Lucas DATA RECORDS on 5/6/01 Plantage Doklaan, Amsterdam & on 17/12/01 in the Dorpskerk, Grootschermer
editing Wilbert de Joode and Dick Lucas 
liner notes by Ig Henneman, Wilbert de Joode
produced by Ig Henneman

teaspoons reshaped by Wilbert de Joode
photos & design Francesca Patella


My idea to record solo came as a natural development in my career. I wish to share with the listener the inimitable beauty and colour that I hear in the contrabass sound. I suggest listening to this recording at a loud volume level but please, respect your neighbours. Enjoy.

Wilbert de Joode

I am pleased to present OLO, a suite of improvised, short, wayward, witty, gloomy, beautiful and freakish bass solo¹s played on a chamber-bass G.F. Lott ±1840 with gut strings using a self-built bow and demonstrating all kinds of bass pizzicato techniques.

To celebrate an inspiring collaboration of more than fifteen years, I invited Wilbert de Joode to record a solo cd for the Wiglabel which I founded in 1990. I first heard Wilbert play in a local pub shortly after he had discovered the upright bass. His natural musicality and the passion with which he embraced his instrument intrigued me. I immediately invited him to join my band. This turned out to be the beginning of a long and stimulating collaboration. Wilbert's talents have greatly contributed to the development of the music I wish to create: improvisation where colour, dynamics and form all play major roles. We have worked on this concept in all my groups and produced many beautiful concerts and six cd's on the Wig label. 

Ig Henneman