ERR15: Lysander le Coultre & Albert van Veenendaal: A cool tree.

ERR15: Lysander le Coultre & Albert van Veenendaal: A cool tree.
ERR15: Lysander le Coultre & Albert van Veenendaal: A cool tree.
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Lysander le Coultre

Albert van Veenendaal


1 A cool tree (3:52)                                               
2 Ping pong (3:11)                                               
3 In the middle there is no end (5:16)                                                
4 Answers only (3:26)                                   
5 Summer night's dream (5:21)           
6 Totterdown (3:58)                                               
7 Calabrone (2:57)                                                           
8 Peculiar continuum (3:16)                       
9 Firefly (4:45)

total playing time: 36:27

Recorded by Albert van Veenendaal, late autumn 2008, Amsterdam
Mixed and mastered by Micha de Kanter
All compositions by Le Coultre/ van Veenendaal � BUMA

the cello and piano team of the late lysander le coultre and albert van veenendaal delivers a succinct and wide-ranging recital of improvised duets on a cool tree. the set opens with a ruminative piece, mildly dissonant and slowly moving. “ping pong” functions mostly as a call and response strategy focused on “unnatural” sounds like the rapidly bounced strings of the cello or string and pedal manipulation at the piano. the duo has a good sense of the proper proportions of invention and duration, and most of the tracks here are under 4 minutes. le coultre’s mournful cello introduces “in the middle there is no end” with van veenendaal stabbing at the piano at first then unrolling his own sad melody. this is one of the longer pieces, and it develops with a high-spirited middle section before falling back into the quietude of the opening passages. the pianist takes the lead on “answers only” with a serpentine melody that seems to pose a question. le coultre responds with pizzicato directness. they trade lines for a while, then get together and ride their interactions to the end. the taut and pensive summer night’s dream has an appropriately late night feel, with a sense that of foreboding that’s continued with the even gloomier “totterdown.” starting very quietly deep in the bass register, this subterranean piece ends with eerie scrapes and bangs on the piano. “calabrone” juxtaposes an upbeat piano line with darkly resonant arco cello. “peculiar continuum”, an apt description of the entire enterprise, features a hollow-sounding piano and piercing cello in a blend that wouldn’t be out of place in an old horror film. finally, there’s “firefly”, a plainly lovely melody that comes as a bit of a surprise and puts the rest of the short program into a new perspective with a new respect for the pair’s efforts. sad to say, there won’t be more, since le coultre died suddenly in early 2009. very nicely recorded by van veenendaal, and well worth hearing.

stuart kremsky, july-september 2012, cadence vol. 38, no 3