ERR09: Marko Ciciliani: 81 Matters in Elemental Order.

ERR09: Marko Ciciliani: 81 Matters in Elemental Order.
ERR09: Marko Ciciliani: 81 Matters in Elemental Order.
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Marko Ciciliani: no-input mixer

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Total Playing Time: 62:28 


a solo no-input mixer composition by feedback virtuoso marko ciciliani. the work consists of 81 tracks of 4 up to 90 seconds in length that should be played back in shuffle mode. each time the cd is played back, the composition's elements are therefore put in a new, unique order. the tracks are poetic translations of the molecular characteristics of chemical elements, adjusted for the untamed circuits of the mixing board. so bizarre, i feel like ciciliani created every waveform and frequency the human ear can possibly perceive, in the 45 minutes that he played. ROUGH TRADE

you probably already know the croatian marko ciciliani, an active musician in the lively dutch scene and responsible for some interesting releases (among others for the label 'unsounds'). this brand new ‘table of elements’ has all the characteristics to make him literally break through at least for the audience already experienced in more extreme forms of music. he proposes something which is not particularly original, even though at the end the alchemic summa might seem original indeed. the mixer is played without external inputs, all the sounds are simply created through internal feedbacks. like toshimaru nakamura does it. 81 tracks in less than an hour, for an average length of less than a minute for each track, and never exceeding the length of one minute and a half, obviously conceived to be listened in shuffle mode. actually, the idea of taking the symbols of the various elements for the track titles was already used too (in a different context, the table of elements does it already since quite some years) but, also thanks to the cooperation with musicians met in previous years – (the usual) fred frith, gordon mumma, axel dörner and sachiko m – the croatian refined an own rough and hurting language, which is poetic and charming at the same time. all these elements melt together in the listening experience. it is a language which escapes as from the idea of repetition as well as from pop music, instead it applies the webern concept of ‘concentration’. the essence of this music is there, in the core of it, in the primordial idea and it banns out useless developments as well as useless esthetic attempts. ‘e2-e4’ obviously lives on another floor of the building if not even in another area of the city of music or even more, as ‘et’, on another planet. ’81 matters in elemental order’ is a must have cd. i can already hear somebody saying: ‘why should i listen to ciciliani playing a mixer while nakamura did it already?’ the answer seems easy to me and it is another question: ‘why at the end of the sixties were they listening to hendrix playing guitar when there had already been charlie christian?’ e. g., sands-zine, 31/8/2008, sands-zine, translated by s.e. SANDS-ZINE