ERR07: Tone Diailng: Rigop Me.

ERR07: Tone Diailng: Rigop Me.
ERR07: Tone Diailng: Rigop Me.
Label: Evil Rabbit Records
Catalog Number: ERR07
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Jorrit Dijkstra – lyricon, analog synthesizer, loop machine
Paul Pallesen – guitar, analog electronics
Steve Heather – drums, percussion, sampler

Gumyt Me (10:31)
Fezex Me (8:46)
Rigop Me (8:16)
Yoxia Me (6:29)
Oemik Me (7:33)
Ziyak Me (4:16)
Total playing time: 46:14

Recorded by Colin McLean, January 9 & 10, 2006 at OT301, Amsterdam
Mastered by Ernst Karel
All compositions by Dijkstra/ Pallesen & Heather, except 3 & 6 by Dijkstra ©Buma
All live improvisations, no overdubs

Design: Lysander le Coultre
Photography: Monique Besten
Thanks to Kraakgeluiden in de binnenstad, Capricia Balistreri and Fonds voor de scheppende toonkunst

Tone Dialing’s music has developed into an idiosyncratic language, combining elements of free improvisation, minimalism, and the aesthetics of “glitch” electronica. The trio originated in 2000 with weekly performances at Amsterdam’s alternative ASCII Internet café – blending their sounds with punk hackers tapping keyboards in the background. Stretchy chord landscapes, hesitant guitar picks, subtle feedback effects, sampled drum noises, and analog synth textures are the ingredients for Tone Dialing’s trancey interactions. Dijkstra, Pallesen, and Heather’s carefully structured improvisations often develop slowly with a delayed sense of drama, and respect beat and melody as important musical elements.