RedNote15: SOL6: SOL6

RedNote15: SOL6: SOL6
Label: Red Note
Catalog Number: RN15
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Tony Buck-drums
Mandy Drummond-viola, voice
Ingrid Laubrock-saxophone
Hannah Marshall-cello, voice
Veryan Weston-piano, voice
Luc Ex-acoustic bass

Track Listing: 

1. Some Things Must Stay 3:07
2. And The World Might Bb After All 3:27
3. Uncaged 3:33
4. The Cage 1:08
5. Miniature 1 2:02
6. Brain Boilingly Obvious 1 1:38
7. Chanson Hollandaise 2:07
8. Leg Room In The 1st Class 3:03
9. Amputation In Economy 3:35
10. Nood 3:36
11. Close To You 3:38
12. Brain Boilingly Obvious 2 3:26
13. Sick Eagle 1:47
14. Autistic African Samba 5:29
15. Brain Boilingly Obvious 3 3:49
16. Insecurity 5:23
17. Miniature 2 1:02

"[...] Sol6 isn't a Laubrock-as-leader album-she's one of six musicians in an international line-up led by pianist Veryan Weston, a veteran explorer of the outer limits with a well documented career on the British label Emanem, and bassist Luc Ex. But any new disc featuring Laubrock, whose prodigious talent is of a scale which only rarely comes along, and who remains woefully under-recorded, is to a large extent a Laubrock event.


The music is restless and inquisitive and moves between astringent lyricism and fractured high-voltage grooves, making few concessions to norms, particularly those applying to chamber music. "And The World Might B Flat After All," "Autistic African Samba" and "Insecurity" are rowdy, dangerous and beat-centric. In an atypical example of the retro-modern, the slow burning "Nodd" resonates with the astral jazz of saxophonists John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders as it emerged in the mid-1960s. The Erik Satie-derived "Chanson Hollandaise" and Bacharach's "Close To You" (a vocal vignette for Drummond which is read deliciously straight) provide more emollient moments. [...]"-Chris May, All About Jazz