Ramboy 04: Michael Moore Quartet: Neglige.

Ramboy 04: Michael Moore Quartet: Neglige.
Label: Ramboy Recordings
Catalog Number: Ramboy04
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Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, bird calls; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Alex Maguire, piano, bells, bird calls; Michael Vatcher, percussion, hammer dulcimer

1. Bret n' Button 9:10 
2. Final Call 5:40 
3. Counterpoint #1 5:12 
4. Ancient Sorrow 8:35 
5. Flying Dog [sax] 2:24 
6. Tik-Tok 5:08 
7. Négligé 2:02 
8. Sparky (Maguire) 2:55 
9. Epigram (Maguire) 3:34 
10. Brunheiras 4:21 
11. No Real Pulse 5:28 
12. Build-Up 4:07 
13. The Sluggo Variations 3:47 
14. Flying Dog [clarinet] 2:38 
15. Counterpoint # 2 2:02 

Composed by Michael Moore except as noted

Recorded December 19, 1989, Studio 44, Monster, Netherlands
except tracks 4, 5, 7, 14 recorded May 25, 1992, Studio 44, Monster, Netherlands


This quartet plays a very idiosyncratic repertoire; a quirky kind of chamber music - sometimes flowing, sometimes quick changing.

"This work begins with an introductory piano solo by Alex Maguire that quickly darts around before Michael Moore's equally arresting whinnying on alto saxophone, lustfully building into his more lonely neighing split-tones before groove-entry; euro-style swing jazz, free and playful, avant-garde, and unrelenting joyousness. An upbeat treasure for the world of jazz improv, it never holds one mood or tempo too long before it moves to another soundscape. Resolutions segue to new beginnings, with beautiful woodwinds, low clarinets balancing sax creeping through percussion, strings and electronic soundscapes. This avant-jazz with all its quirks and surprises was certainly enough to keep me playing this wonderfully listenable CD, with all its apparent 'dutchness' and 'un-dutchness'."

LaDonna Smith, The Improvisor, 1993