Unsounds14: Andy Moor: Marker.

Unsounds14: Andy Moor: Marker.
Label: Unsounds
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Andy Moor: guitar

Uganda fly
3 am
From e to f
About face
Naming the animals
Repeat suite
Eyes cars hands
Truth in numbers
Small things under glass

As the two lead guitarists of Dutch punk rock group The Ex, Andy Moor and Terrie Ex have forged an unmistakable partnership. They have released a slew of extraordinary recordings since Moor joined in 1990, and their live shows- where each player constantly challenges, teases and jostles- are a thrill to behold. Both guitarists have a highly distinctive sound, so it is interesting to hear their latest individual musical exploits outside of The Ex. 

Moor's album, Marker, features 16 tracks of solo, overdubbed, and multi-tracked guitar recorded over a three-year span. The spacious Improv and broken harmonics of "3.AM" resonate to an atmospheric fade, while the beautiful melodic riff of "Alex" gradually builds to an insistent strum. The itchy stomp of "Uganda Fly" and the high-density textures of "About Face" are both vigorous and vibrant, and Marker displays the rich and inventive scope of Moor's guitar work. The album also comes with a 24-page booklet of stunning photographs Moor has taken around the world, from Hong Kong to Iceland.

The Wire, August 2007




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