EX060: The Ex: Mudbird Shivers

EX060: The Ex: Mudbird Shivers
Label: Ex Records
Catalog Number: EX060
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Terrie - guitar; G.W. Sok - voice; Luc - bass; Katrin - drums; Andy - guitar, viola; Han Buhrs - voice, sax + mouth-harp, panlids, grater

Track Listing:

1. Thunderstruck blues
2. Only if you want 3
3. Ret roper
4. Embarrassment
5. House carpenter
6. Newsense
7. Former reporter
8. Shore thing
9. Things most people think
10. Audible bacillus
11. Hunt hat

released in June 1995 
recorded at the Koeienverhuur Studio in Amsterdam, NL 
produced by Dolf Planteydt & Colin McClean

Originally released as a CD album on Ex Records.

"The Ex is still growing, maturing, learning and blowing most other bands off the stage. (...) They have a devastating sense of rhythm and a far-reaching lyrical intelligence."

"All in all, 'Mudbird shivers' has turned out to be their most urgent, powerful and exciting release to date. Staggeringly beautiful."

"This time they pull up their wall of sound out of pieces of rock, folk and jazz. (...) The Ex got the blues."