EX035D: The Ex: Hands Up! You're Free.

EX035D: The Ex: Hands Up! You're Free.
Label: Ex Records
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Terrie (guitar), G.W. Sok (vocals), John (vocals tks.9-12), Luc (bass), Yoke (bass tks.1-4), Sabien (drums tks.1-4), Katrin (drums tks.5-12).

Guest musicians - Kees (saxophone tks.1-4), Wineke (violin tks.1-4), Dolf Planteijdt (heavymental guitar tks.1-4), Tom Greene (guitar tks.5-8), Susy Honeyman (violin tks.5-8), Jon Langford (singing gardensnake tks.5-8).


Crap Rap
U.S. Hole
Pleased To Meat You
Scrub That Scum
Hands Up! You're Free
Butter Or Bombs
Uh-Oh Africa
A Job/Stupid
Business As Usual

Recorded as Peel Sessions at BBC's Maida Vale Studios, London, England. Tracks 1-4 produced by Roger Pusey, 1983. Tracks 5-8 produced by Dale Griffin, 1985. Tracks 9-12 produced by Dale Griffin, 1986.