EX018/019: Blueprints for a Blackout.

EX018/019: Blueprints for a Blackout.
Label: Ex Records
Catalog Number: EX018/019
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Terrie - guitar; G.W. Sok - voice; Bas - bass; Yoke - bass; Sabien - drums + double-bass, organ, violin, oil-barrels, accordion, beer-crates, piano + Kees - oboe, flute, saxes / Jon Langford - marimba, rhythmbox, guitar / Dolf - guitar, drums / Vazant - sax / Marcel - marimba, drums / Adrie - drums / Bas - bass, double-bass / Ferrie - trumpet

1. Streetcars named desire/Animal harm (medley)
2. Blueprints for a blackout
3. Rabble with a cause
4. Requiem for a rip-off 
5. Pleased to meat you
6. A goodbuy to you
7. The swim 
8. Boohoo 
9. U.S. Hole 
10. (Not) 2B continued 
11. Grimm stories 
12. A plague to survive
13. The rise of the Dutch republic
14. Kidnap connection 
15. Fire and ice
16. Jack Frost is innocent
17. Love you till eh 
18. Food on 45
19. Scrub that scum 

"It's caustic. A real burner. (...) While still retaining an all important relevant edge to their musical comment , they've introduced elements of tunesmithing, attack, decay and composition that places them head and shoulders above their contemporaries."

"Well-known venom, but the music becomes more experimental (i.e. slower, richer, more stirring, fed by yet rather remarkable set of instruments) with every new release."