EX004/005: The Ex: Disturbing Domestic Peace.

EX004/005: The Ex: Disturbing Domestic Peace.
Label: Ex Records
Catalog Number: EX004/005
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Track Listing:

1. The sky is blue again
2. Map
3. Outlook-army
4. Sucking pig
5. A sense of tumour
6. Meanwhile
7. Rules
8. Squatsong
9. Warning-shot
10. New wars / (Live-skive:) 
11. Introduction
12. Human car
13. Punk
14. Horse 

Terrie - guitar; G.W. Sok - voice; Bas - bass; Ome Geurt - drums 
released in November 1980 recorded at Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf in Schellingwoude, NL produced by Dolf Planteydt

Originally released as a vinyl album (on Verrecords) with free bonus live 7" "Live- skive" (on Eh Records). Re-released on CD by Ex Records in May 1994.

"This is prime stuff. It's primitive when compared with their current wide-ranging output, but even then they were embellishing their their scratchy politico-punk with some interesting instrumental touches. Morse code keyboards, a chipped-flint guitar sound, distorted vocals, and the rhythm section's implacable forward motion make this worth a listen even if you don't care what they had to say."

"What makes them interesting, is their original musical approach, not hindered by technical ingenuity."