Geestgronden26: Guus Janssen: Out of Frame.

Geestgronden26: Guus Janssen: Out of Frame.
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Guus Janssen: piano

1. pasquil 
2. extrucage 
3. music for Hens 
4. toe-tapping tune 
5. Walden Pond 
6. out of frame 
7. Scarlatti mix chords and diversions from the sonatas 
8. Bert Kaempfert mix 
9. in the end

recording Marc Schots 
live at the Bimhuis Amsterdam 
march 29 2008 

editing Guus Janssen Dick Lucas 
mastering Dick Lucas 
production GeestGrondenCd Guus Janssen Friso Haverkamp 
cover JCJVanderheyden 
diag. checker in frame (1998) 
design Guus Vorstenbosch


A solo piano gem by the still too little known Dutch pianist, featuring his quirky mix of styles ranging from his Baroque heroes Jan Sweelinck, Scarlatti and Bach, to Lennie Tristano and Bert Kaempfert. Janssen claims that he never really played jazz, but he clearly loves deconstructing its forms, "balancing on the edge of derailing" as he puts it. "Extrucage" toys with Tristano block-chords, while "Toe-Tapping Tune" is a blues. The baroque mannerisms of "Scarlatti Mix" intrude into "Bert Kaempfert Mix" – being unfamiliar with the works of the master of Lounge, I'm not sure which if any of them also figure. While these "Mixes" are deliberately frustrating when it comes to closure, the stride/boogie-woogie "In The End" is nothing but, out-Satieing Satie in its endless procession of endings. Musical humour of a high order by a genius of the postmodern. Andy Hamilton, The Wire