Strotbrock0501: Klaas Hekman: Yolo

Strotbrock0501: Klaas Hekman: Yolo
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Klaas Hekman - bass saxophone    
1    Yolo  2:32
2    Corpulento  7:25
3    Seal of approval  1:17
4    Jump jump puppy  2:27
5    Kokiriko Bushi  2:26
6    Four threehorns 11:03
7    McYoucy  1:58
8    Rough edges  1:57
9    As a flute  0:54
10    Water  4:07
11    Stomp  0:46
12    Le Murier  6:50
All music and sounds are produced by playing the bass sax, also songs like As a flute, Kokiriko Bushi, and Seal of approval.

"...most ears likely were focused on the staggering work of Dutch bass saxophonist Klaas Hekman. How one man can produce so much thunderous, volcanic sound from so unwieldy an instrument almost defies comprehension. But Hekman's solos proved so majestic in scope, searing in tone and coherent in structure as to represent self-contained artistic statements in their own right."  

--Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune, April 26 2004.