Tractata72: Cactus Truck: Live in USA with Jeb Bishop and Roy Campbell

Tractata72: Cactus Truck: Live in USA with Jeb Bishop and Roy Campbell
Tractata72: Cactus Truck: Live in USA with Jeb Bishop and Roy Campbell
Label: Tractata
Catalog Number: Tractata72
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Jasper Stadhouders – bass guitar, guitar 
Onno Govaert – drums 
John Dikeman - alto & tenor saxophones 
Jeb Bishop – trombone and electronics 
Roy Campbell – trumpet 

Track Listing

1. Prairie Oyster (Cactus Truck, Jeb Bishop) 17.23 
2. Seans Gone (Cactus Truck, Jeb Bishop) 10.05 
3. Hot Brown 10.11
4. The Twerk 06.25 
5. Magnum Eyebrow 05.45 
6. Wedding Present (sorry Erin) 00.27 
7. Nin ja (Cactus Truck, Roy Campbell) 21.25 
released 15 March 2013  
Produced by Robert Polyn in collaboration with Eh? and Tractata Records. 

All compositions by Cactus Truck except where indicated (Buma-Stemra). Tracks 1 & 2 recorded on October 26, 2012 live at Squidco Records in Wilmington, NC USA by Phil Zampino; Tracks 3-6 recorded on December 7, 2012 live at Astro Black records in Louisville, KY USA by Dan Willems; Track 7 recorded on Dec 12, 2012 live at JACK in New York City, NY USA by Scott Friedlander. Mixed and mastered by Jeff Kaiser. 

Cover photo by Bryan Day. Graphic design by Bryan Day and John Dikeman


In the end of 2012 the Dutch power jazz trio Cactus Trio did a 37 gigs tour in the USA. The trio played in record stores, independent labels offices and small clubs, encountered cancellations due to hurricane Sandy, found last minute alternative spaces and hosted like- minded forward thinking improvisers. The limited edition recording chronicles this tour, highlighting three complete performances, from the beginning of the tour with trombonist Jeb Bishop, close to the end of the tour of the trio alone and the last one with trumpeter Roy Campbell. 

The performance with Bishop, that took place at Squidco Records in Wilmington, NC. Bishop, on two extended pieces, "Prairie Oyster" and "Seans Gone," fits naturally with the energetic and intense dynamics of this trio. His varied experience in such outfits as Peter Brotzmann's Chicago Tentet or Ken Vandermark 5 and as a leader in his right brings depth and a creative vocabulary, including a subtle usage of electronics, to the powerful interplay of Cactus Truck. The quartet sound is following and expanding the legacy of the sixties fiery free jazz, combining elements from both sides of the Atlantic, the obvious Ayler-ian ones with the uncompromising approach of Brötzmann's bands. 

The four short pieces of the trio alone were recorded at Astro Black Records in Louisville, KY and feature Cactus Truck trade mark aggressive mode. Saxophonist John Dikeman , bass and guitarist Jasper Stadhouders and drummer Onno Govaert have developed a highly tight, brutal and high-velocity grindcore eruption— "Wedding Present" clocks in less than 30 seconds— that never loses its momentum. On their own Cactus Truck sound thunderous, rough and dirty, blending reckless punk aesthetics with the free jazz references. 

The last performance in the tour was at JACK in New York. The addition of Campbell for the extended, aptly named "Ninja," turns this ad-hoc quartet to an ideological heir of one of the last incarnations of Brötzmann's Die Like a Dog Quartet quartet, in which Campbell played. Campbell, as Bishop, affirms the trio connection with the free jazz legacy and opens the trio dynamic to a richer one— nuanced and inventive, even gentle at times, and more structured. 

Live in USA offers a unique celebration of powerful, exciting and uncompromising music.