ERR27: Trio Blurb: W

ERR27: Trio Blurb: W
ERR27: Trio Blurb: W ERR27: Trio Blurb: W
Label: Evil Rabbit Records
Catalog Number: err27
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ERR27: Trio Blurb: W

Maggie Nicols - vocals
John Russell - guitar
Mia Zabelka - violin, vocals


1. Wilcumestowe (19:18)
2. Work and Wild (27:33)

total playing time: 46:53

track 1: recorded live by Tim Fletcher, September 16, 2017
at Discovery Festival, at Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre, London, GB
mixed by Tim Fletcher, London, GB

track 2: recorded live by Saint Austral Sound. March 13, 2018
at Horse Improv Music Club, LIKLECTIK, London, GB
mixed by Saint Austral Sound, London, GB

track 1 and 2: mastered by Christoph Amann, Vienna, Austria
all compositions by Mia Zabelka/ AKM, John Russell/ PRS, Maggie Nicols/ PRS
design: lysander le coultre (strangelove creatives)
photography: monique besten