EX086: The Ex Orkest: Een Ronde Holland.

EX086: The Ex Orkest: Een Ronde Holland.
Label: Ex Records
Catalog Number: EX086
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Katrin - drums, vocals
Terrie - guitar
Andy - guitar
Luc - acoustic bass
G.W. Sok - vocals

+ Jaap Blonk - vocals / Han Buhrs - vocals / Jan Mulder - vocals / Roy Paci - trumpet / Felicity Provan - trumpet / Wilf Plum - drums / Michael Vatcher - drums, percussion/ Ferry Heyne - valve trombone, trumpet, tuba / Wolter Wierbos - trombone / Joost Buis - trombone / Michael Moore - saxophone, clarinet / Wilbert de Joode - double-bass / Ernst Glerum - double-bass / Gert-Jan Blom - Singing saw, groove-box / Hamish McKeich - director, electric bassoon

Track Listing

1. De weg
2. Kokend asfalt
3. Symfonie voor machines
4. Meer nieuws
5. Spruitjes
6. Een rondje Holland
7. Gronings liedje
8. My happiness
9. Rosenkohl
10. Uitgeest 
11. Stukverdriet
12. De klokkenluider

"The Ex, one of truly the best live bands EVER, explodes on this CD, which is both a great departure from their own work and an expansion of their urgent, suspenseful, driving sound. With 20 musicians at their disposal, the work is like John Williams scoring and conducting Ex songs played by a marching band, huge, chaotically rhythmic but pitched forward w/ clarity. Weird chanting and whispering in the corners only adds to the mystery, while horns and drums reveal everything. If it's possible, this is 10x better than their records with Tom Cora from a number of years ago. "Een Rondje Holland" is a New Orleans street band meeting up with poetry, punk, Eastern-European folk and orchestral jazz: mournful and powerful, angry and crashing. (...) One of the records of the year, in my book." Other Music