EX085: The Ex: Dizzy Spells.

EX085: The Ex: Dizzy Spells.
Label: Ex Records
Catalog Number: EX085
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Katrin - drums, voice; Terrie - guitar; Andy - guitar; Luc - bass; G.W. Sok - voice

Track Listing:

1. Town of Stone
2. Nobodies' dream
3. Walt's dizzyland
4. Time flies
5. Oskar Beck
6. Burnsome
7. The chair needs paint
8. Fistful of feed
9. Haydays
10. River
11. Karaoke blackout
12. Little atlas heavyweight

released in May 2001 
recorded at the Black Box Studio in Noyant la Gravoyère, France 
produced by Steve Albini

Originally released on CD, in Holland by Ex Records, in the USA by Touch And Go Records (TG221CD), in France by Vicious Circle

"Now into their third decade as Holland's bravest avant-punk terrorists, the Ex seem incapable of slowing down. (...) Rhythmically there are few who can touch the Ex, and Albini's hand lends these proceedings an especially scalpel-sharp wallop, allowing the band's now-trademarked taut, skittering trapwork, thrusting bass-encounter play and nicked-guitar screech to propel their cleverly refined political/social text with an irrepressible mix of dexterity and abrasiveness. (...) Get in their way at your own risk."

"(...) it's still hard to believe that a band formed more than 20 years ago are capable of releasing a new album that's both vital and worthy of the promise of their earlier material. But the Ex have defied the odds more than once. (...) And now, with Dizzy Spells, the quintet may have topped it all. (...) the Ex, like Lungfish and Fugazi, always sound immediate and fresh. (...) For as well-received as 1998's Starters Alternators-the band's Touch And Go debut was, Dizzy Spells may prove to be even better. If nothing else, it's more tuneful, and yet the Ex sacrificed nothing in the name of 'accessibility'."