dolfijn01: Wolter Wierbos: 3 Trombone Solos.

dolfijn01: Wolter Wierbos: 3 Trombone Solos.
dolfijn01: Wolter Wierbos: 3 Trombone Solos.
Label: Dolfijn Records
Catalog Number: dolfijn01
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Wolter Wierbos - solo trombone

Track Listing:

1. Chicago (21:07)
2. Portland (25:14) 
3. Amsterdam (16:06)

All tracks recorded 2005- 2006
Produced by Niels Brouwer and Wolter Wierbos 
Mastered by Niels Brouwer 

WOLTER WIERBOS - 3 Trombone Solos (Dolfijn 01; Netherlands) This is ICP trombonist, Wolter Wierbos' first solo disc in 12 years and listening to it, it was well worth the long wait. Solo trombone efforts are relatively rare and no doubt difficult to pull off. You can probably list solo trombone discs on one hand: Paul Rutherford, George Lewis, Conny Bauer and Albert Mangelsdorff. This disc features three pieces from three different cities: Chicago, Portland (Oregon), and Amsterdam, where Wolter resides. Wolter has a warm and most expressive sound on his trombone, one can hear the entire history of (jazz) trombone in his sound. Sometimes swinging, sometimes blustery, sometimes funky. I love the way Wolter slowly stretches notes out and adds harmonies by humming through his horn. When he finally cuts loose towards the end of the Chicago piece, it is indeed a glorious moment that ends with some percussive heavy breathing sounds and ends with a great funky section. You might think that there are not enough sounds to produce to keep this effort interesting, but you would be wrong as Wolter consistently comes up a variety of sounds and approaches. Each piece develops organically and each feels like a complete work. "Portland" involves multiphonics by humming or growling into the horn while making other sounds simultaneously. Different melodies or tunes coincide and overlap. The sound of the room where these pieces take place add their own unique ambiance, thus making certain notes reverberate in different ways. There are moments during "Portland" when Wolter sounds as if he is quoting fragments of recognizable melodies that add an enchanting lyrical side to things. This disc captures a startling 3-piece tour-de-force for solo trombone. The one question I have is this: why is Wolter Wierbos wearing some seaweed on his head and face on the cover? Perhaps we can guess - Bruce Lee Galanter, Downtown Music Gallery