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data822: Ernst Reijseger & Alan Gunga Purves: Cellotape & Scotchtape.
Ernst Reijseger - cello, kalimba, percussion Alan 'Gunga' Purves' - drums, percussion, shakers 1..
dolfijn01: Wolter Wierbos: 3 Trombone Solos.
Wolter Wierbos - solo trombone Track Listing: 1. Chicago (21:07) 2. Portland (25:14)  3..
dolfijn02: Wolter Wierbos: Deining.
Wolter Wierbos - trombone  Ab Baars -tenor saxophone, no-kan Wilbert de Joode - double bass ..
ERR02: Albert van Veenendaal & Fabrizio Puglisi: Duets for prepared, unprepared and toy pianos
Fabrizio Puglisi - prepared, unprepared and toy piano Albert van Veenendaal - p..
ERR10: Baars/Kneer: Windfall.
Ab Baars tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi, noh-kan  Meinrad Kneer double bass  1 ..
ERR20: Baars/Kneer/Elgart: Give no quarter.
Ab Baars tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi  Meinrad Kneer double bass  Bill Elgart d..
ERR21: Sequoia: Rotations.
Antonio Borghini - double bass Meinrad Kneer - double bass Klaus Kürvers - double bass Miles Perk..
ERR22: Baars/Kneer/Elgart: Live at Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2012
Sound clips:
ERR23: The Core Trio: The Core Trio Live ft. Matthew Shipp
Seth Paynter: tenor saxophone Thomas Helton: double bass Joe Hertenstein: drums feat. Matthew ..
ERR24: Biliana Voutchkova solo: Modus of Raw
Biliana Voutchkova: violin, voice Tracks 1 Enter (6:06) 2 Modus Of Raw (4:59) 3 Songs..
ERR25: HaFFaH: Senza Titolo
Christian Ferlaino - alto saxophone Herbert de Jonge - piano Renato Ferreira - doub..
ERR26: ReDDeeR: New York - St. Johann
Fay Victor - vocals Elisabeth Harnik - piano Dominic Lash - double bass ..
EX004/005: The Ex: Disturbing Domestic Peace.
Track Listing: 1. The sky is blue again 2. Map 3. Outlook-army 4. Sucking pig 5. A sense of t..
EX008: The Ex: History is What's Happening.
Track Listing: 1. Six of one and half a dozen of the other 2. Barricades 3. Life live 4. Machine..
EX010/013: The Ex: Dignity of Labor.
Terrie - guitar; G.W. Sok - voice; Bas - bass; Sabien - drums + accordion, double-bass, wood-blocks,..