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RedNote04: Roof: The Untraceable Cigar
Tom Cora, cello Luc Ex, bass Phil Minton, voice Michael Vatcher, drums The trace (05.01) Redu..
RedNote05: astroPERIL: astroPERIL.
Tony Buck drums, samples, machines Kai Wolf guitar Alex Nowitz bass & voice Track Samples: ..
RedNote06: Bob Ostertag: Verbatim.
Bob Ostertag, sampling Mark Dresser, bass Gerry Hemingway, percussion Phil Minton, voice. Peri..
RedNote07: Roof: Trace
Tom Cora: cello Luc Ex: bass Phil Minton: vocals Michael Vatcher: drums 1. Trace (Roof) 7:28 ..
RedNote08: Kletka Red: Hybrid.
1     Kosiak Lubvie (Composed By Yorgos Batis)* 3:34 2     ..
RedNote09: 4 Walls: The World Ain't Square
Luc Ex, acoustic bass Phil Minton, voice Michael Vatcher, drums Veryan Weston, piano. The anar..
RedNote11: 4 Walls: Which Side are You On?
Luc Ex, acoustic bass; Phil Minton, voice; Michael Vatcher, drums, Veryan Weston, piano. Airport ..
RedNote13: SPEEQ: OR
Luc Ex     ac.bass  Hasse Poulsen guitar  Mark Sanders drums  + Sid..
RedNote14: Regenorchester XI: Town Down
Franz Hautzinger Luc Ex Otomo Yoshihide Tony Buck Christian Fennesz 1. Town Down 7:53  ..
RedNote15: SOL6: SOL6
Tony Buck-drums Mandy Drummond-viola, voice Ingrid Laubrock-saxophone Hannah Marshall-cello, voic..
RedNote16: EKE: s/t
Yedo Gibson – reeds Oscar Jan Hoogland – electric clavichord Gerri Jäger – drums 1.Blok 03:57 ..
RedNote19: Luc Ex: Assemblée.
Ab Baars – tenor saxophone Ingrid Laubrock – tenor saxophone Luc Ex – acoustic bass​ Hamid Drake ..
Sollasiututut001: Jan Nijdam Kwartet: Bij de Dieren Thuis
Jan Nijdam: contrabass Michiel Scheen: piano Alan Purves: drums Tobias Delius: tenor saxophone ..
SSM1005:  Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Ludovic Morlot; Tomoko Mukaiyama: Raskatov: Night Butterflies / Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring.
Seattle Symphony conducted by Ludovic Morlot November 11, 2014 Ludovic Morlot, conductor Tomoko..
Strotbrock014: The Noo Ones: Nieuwe Haring.
The band consists of five musicians, all living in the Netherlands, but from very different musical ..