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BULLETIN AUGUST 2017: The site is possibly fixed. We've been having problems for a few weeks that completely prevented you from checking out. I maaaayyy have just fixed them, but if you're not able to check out, please send us a quick mail at subdist@gmail.com and let us know what's in your cart and we'll tell you how to proceed. Verrrrrry sorry for all the inconvenience!

WILLEM BREUKER KOLLEKTIEF BOX: It's finally here! Please note that there are three different "Products" for Out Of The Box, the only thing that's different about each one is the shipping cost. So there's one for shipping within the Netherlands; one for shipping within the rest of Europe excluding Russia; and one for the rest of the world (including Russia). If you have any questions about which product to use or where you live please shoot us an email.    


Something that should be working now is the ability to easily and accurately filter the catalog based on a specific performer, whether it's locals like say...Wilbert de Joode, Michael MooreAlan "Gunga" Purves, Felicity Provan, etc, or regular visitors like Jeb Bishop and Mats Gustafsson....

Also: ALL PRICES INCLUDE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. Yes you read that correctly. 

OK! Our newest additions to the site should be just below this message, which hopefully means that those are our new releases, but could also be older things that we've just re-added. Or click here to go to a list of the labels we carry, or just use the Search feature at the upper right of this page. Go! Shop! Thanks!


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